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Gallon Gear

Black Durable Gallon Bottle


 Gallon Gear has come out with our very own BPA FREE reusable Gallon Jug that is made of a sturdier plastic. The new Gallon Gear Gallon is more durable and can with stand impact if dropped or knocked over. 3 dot water mark indicators on each side of the jug to help you manage your daily water intake.

- Dishwasher Safe

- Gallon Jug.


-Dishwasher Safe. Air dry only. No heat drying.

-Rinse before using.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Great customer service and product

This small-company will be one that I stay with because of their great product, high integrity, and great customer service.

I needed a water bottle that would hold my phone and keys during my workout, and I landed on GallonGear. Going on the website, I purchased the black gallon with a sleeve and had it shipped to my home. Once I opened it and began to clean it, I discovered a crack in the side of the bottle. Disappointed, I followed the return policy and emailed the company to ask for a new one.

They returned a quick follow-up the same day and ensured me that they could replace it. Later, the wife of the founder called me personally to explain to apologize and explain why that occurred, and ensured me that they would make it right. She also told me that her and her husband are a small family business, God-fearing Christians, and are parents to young children. I personally understand the hardships that come along with all three of those important things, and I thanked her for being personal, honest, and caring about my satisfaction and experience.

About a week later, I receive not one, but TWO brand new gallon jugs in the mail. They went above and beyond customer service and care, and this has left a great impression on me. I will now be a longtime buyer and I recommend this jug to anyone with ears to hear. Thank you to the family at Gallon Gear, and I pray God continues to give you success.

sydney lopez
Best Reusable Gallon Bottle Ever!

Boyfriend loves it so much!

Alexander Saavedra
MVP Gallon

Durable gallon that can last years! Love the color options and sleeves that come with it.

Tom Paz

Quality product. Worth the money.

Lilly Lilly
easy to clean, awesome gym essential

I cant go anywhere without my gallon gear jug now, I have it with me 24/7