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Black Gallon Bottle


Rinse before using. 

Gallon Gear has come out with our very own BPA FREE reusable Gallon Jug that is made of a sturdier plastic. The new Gallon Gear Gallon is more durable and can with stand impact if dropped or knocked over. The lid is more pliable to help eliminate cracking or breaking.

- 3 dot water mark indicators on each side of the jug to help you manage your daily water intake.

- Dishwasher Safe

- Gallon Jug


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Carlos Martinez
All black

Amazing amd sturdy

Maria Navarro
Great customer service

Customer service was awesome! I had an older version that didn't last and they sent me a new one of the latest version and i love it! Stronger and better quality. Awesome company and great quality on the new gallons!

George Henson
Awesome product and customer service

Had a warranty issue... Absolutely no problem at all. Love my jug and sleeve, get compliments and people asking about it all the time. Got rid of my gym bag and just carry this.... Everywhere

Michael Mider
Great bottle, great customer service

I love my gallon gear jug. My son has one as well, great product. Easy way to stay hydrated. The black bottle is very sturdy. This will last a while.
Customer service is very responsive as well.

Dontá Pinkney
Black is beautiful

I’m no stranger when it comes to purchasing bottles from this company. But this black bottle is definitely one of the best. I highly recommend it. It goes with any color shelve.