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The GallonGear brand is a US Trademark. It is a patent pending product that incorporates organization and hydration for just about anyone. Whether you are indoors, outdoors, a businessperson or bodybuilder GallonGear is right for you. GallonGear was developed to solve the problem of keeping your water cool as well as keeping your belongings safe and secure in one place.
A healthy body needs to consume half it’s weight in ounces in water. This means constant trips to the water fountain or store for bottles of water. GallonGear’s creators struggled with maintaining adequate hydration plus holding their keys, wallet, and phone. So the masterminds of GallonGear developed an insulated sleeve that goes over your gallon of water. It also has a hook for your keys, clear pocket for your phone that allows you to still access your touch screen and a mesh pocket for your miscellaneous items. Plus if you have a Bluetooth headset your workouts or everyday life activities can be wire free. GallonGear’s special material also keeps your water cool for your enjoyment throughout the day. 
Come join us in our movement to stay hydrated and motivate others to drink more water. There’s no doubt drinking more water will provide you a healthier lifestyle. Start today by kicking your life into high gear with GallonGear.