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  • Our Sleeves are made from premium neoprene to help eliminate condensation and keep your water cold. We also included a touch screen pocket for your cell phone as well as an 2 accessory pocket for keys, headphones and much more!

      • Features 3 pockets
      • Keeps your water cold
      • Touch screen cover for your phone

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Katie Pena
Great accessory

I bought one for my husband and I was impressed by the quality. I had to order two but ideally only paid for one since during COVID the post office messed up the delivery. I approached the customer service via email and they were very helpful. I was expecting a refund but I did also appreciate them offering to still send me another. I like the color and it matches the well with the bracelet for the branch in GOV. That we support my family and I. I really like it and I hope it holds up through the gym wear and tear.

Lauren Tivey

Love having this sleeve and gallon with me!

Dontá Pinkney

This sleeve looked very unique to me, and I thought it was a great match to go with my purple gallon bottle. Overall...I’m satisfied!

John Paternostro
Gallon gear at its finest!

This lil sleeve is a game changer for me not only does it hold and keep the water cold during training it’s got so many compartments that are super convenient while in the gym. A must have for sure!

Ivory Peebler
Satisfied Customer

It took me a while to get the cover on the bottle but now it fits great
If I can make a suggestion?
It would be great if the gallon cap was a pop up cap so I don’t have to unscrew the lid every time I need a drink in the gym or in my car. Plus it’s more sanitary.
Overall, very satisfied