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Gallon Gear

*NEW* Black Bandana Black Bottle Combo


Black Bandana sleeve

  • Black Bandana Gallon Sleeve. Black BPA-FREE Gallon.
  • Our patented design sleeves are made from premium neoprene to help eliminate condensation and keep your water cold.
  • GallonGear was invented to keep you hydrated and organized while performing at your best.
  • We also included a touchscreen clear pocket for your cell phone and 2 accessory mesh pockets for your wallet, ID, airpods, keys and much more!



  • Black Durable, Reusable, Bpa-free 1 gallon bottle.
  • Our GallonGear Gallon Sleeve is universal and fits around any gallon style jug.
  • Comes with 2 mesh pockets.
  • A Clear Touchscreen Pocket for any Cellphone which allows you to access your phone without removing it to answer texts and change songs.
  • Our High- quality neoprene sleeve keeps your already cold water cold.
Cleaning your Gallon Gear sleeve:
There are multiple ways to clean your Gallon Gear sleeve. You can spot clean it with either soap and hot water, or shout and a wet rag, then hang/air dry. You can also put it in the washing machine on cold wash.  Hang dry DO NOT put in the dryer. 

Cleaning your jug:
Our jugs are really easy to clean. We only recommend putting water in our jugs to prevent bacteria build up and smell. The best way to clean your gallon jug is with our bottle cleaning tablets we offer. You can also use soap and water. Shake and rinse. Our GallonGear Bottle brushes work great too. You can put our jugs in the dishwasher just not on too high of a heat. Air drying is best.

Customer Reviews

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Larry Oliver
Simple yet awesome

Hi i don’t go to the gym at the moment but I’m starting my preparation to get back in there. One thing I do before I start the gym back is drink a gallon a day and this bottle makes it very minimalistic and simple to do, not to mention the color scheme of the black bandana is dope!