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Cass Martin Smooth Caramel Print Double Pocket


  • Our Sleeves are made from premium neoprene to help eliminate condensation and keep your water cold. We also included a touch screen pocket for your cell phone as well as an 2 accessory pocket for keys, headphones and much more!

      • Features 3 pockets
      • Keeps your water cold
      • Touch screen cover for your phone

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
JNW Tessa Pearson
Carmel jug holder

I love the color. I love the pockets. So cute. Goes with anything.

Shiela Anne Vargas
Great Product.

I won the Cass Martin Gallon Gear Giveaway and it has been a game changer. The sleeve is very versatile and the color makes it super stylish and I love the pockets. I don’t have to refill my half gallon twice a day anymore. Gallon Gear makes working out that much more fun. Thank you.

Brittany Villalpando
Nice color and coverage.

Very cute! Love the color and look it gives to my gg bottle! I am a little disappointed immune arrived with imperfections. Otherwise my rating would be all stars. My stitches and seems are unraveled around the pockets of the sleeve and the fabric in some areas are not consistent with the rest of the sleeve. First time this has happened to me with this company.