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Charcoal Gallon Bottle


Gallon Gear has come out with our very own BPA FREE reusable Gallon Jug that is made of a sturdier plastic. The new Gallon Gear Gallon is more durable and can with stand impact if dropped or knocked over. The lid is more pliable to help eliminate cracking or breaking.

- Dishwasher Safe

- Gallon Jug


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Timothy Coen

Actually won the gallon, and wrap, as part of an online social media contest. For years told myself I'd never be a gallon jug carrier, always stuck to 1/2 gallon or so, but got this thing and it goes everywhere with me throughout the day even riding for full 12 hour shifts in my patrol car. Use the wrap as an insulator to keep it cool longer but all around it's a great sturdy jug ...

Ruby Rojas
Just what I was looking for!

I’ve gone through your typical convenient store gallon bottles, even bottles with times written on them to help remind you to drink. Even so, Gallon Gear gallon bottles blow them out of the water! These are simple, sturdy, reliable bottles; I’m incredibly happy with mine. I’ve already recommended to family and friends as well! If you’re debating on whether the price is worth it- trust me, it truly is!