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Stay Hydrated and Organized With Our Durable Jugs and Neoprene Sleeves!

GallonGear’s special material keeps your water cool throughout the day.

A healthy body needs to consume half it’s weight in ounces in water. This means constant trips to the water fountain or store for bottles of water. We all struggle with maintaining adequate hydration and keeping our belongings together during our workout. GallonGear invented a insulated sleeve that goes over your gallon of water. It also has a hook for your keys, clear pocket for your phone that allows you to still access your touch screen and a mesh pocket for your miscellaneous items.


High quality double wall stainless steel shaker cup.

25 oz. High quality double wall stainless steel shaker cup. Comes with a mixer ball, supplement funnel to house your powered supps and a GallonGear sleeve that has a mesh pocket for your phone, keys and more.


Our Customers Are Raving About GallonGear

"Truly an amazing product!!!! A designed sleeve for a gallon water jug is such a simple concept, but I’ve never seen it done before. Gallon Gear did a phenomenal job of making this not only more aesthetic than drinking out of a plain opaque water jug, but having it become a practical alternative to carrying a small bag too!"


- Caitlin