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Gallon Gear

Black Durable Gallon Bottle


Rinse before using. 

Gallon Gear has come out with our very own BPA FREE reusable Gallon Jug that is made of a sturdier plastic. The new Gallon Gear Gallon is more durable and can with stand impact if dropped or knocked over. The lid is more pliable to help eliminate cracking or breaking.

- 3 dot water mark indicators on each side of the jug to help you manage your daily water intake.

- Dishwasher Safe

- Gallon Jug


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Cody T

Its the DAMN jug! I’ll be ordering another one come spring time! Blacks a great choice but I work in construction and it sitting out in the sun probably ain’t the best when trying to keep it cool! Love that I can clean it and put ice cubes in it with the mouth being so wide!

Ricky Olvera
New Sturdy Gallon

Customer service was awesome! I had an older version that didn't last and they sent me a new one in no time. Sent them an email and replied in no time! Stronger and better quality. Awesome company and great quality on the new gallons!

Valerie Fields
Great bottle

I bought one for my brother. He's had one for over a year but, it didn't get cleaned properly and was needing to be replaced. He loves this water bottle specifically and will not use any other. Will definitely be buying more.

Will Adams
Great hydration on the go

Great product to carry around a gallon on water. Durable on the accidental drop test

Carlos Martinez
All black

Amazing amd sturdy